Our Solution

We help companies of all sizes design and build modern data infrastructure so their tech stack can scale with business growth. Our past projects, including, but not limited to, scale backend of web applications, design cloud infrastructure on AWS, build PySpark ElasticMapReduce based research platform and implement streaming data analytics platform.

Cloud Computing

Custom design, build and monitor cloud computing infrastructure on Amazon Web Services and Google Compute Cloud. Kubernetes and Mesosphere as the backbone of your tech stack.


Data Infrastructure

Data pipeline solutions for structure or non-structure data sources. gRPC and RESTful services for distributed computing. Docker containerized application deployment. Data storage solutions in relational and NoSql data store.

Research & Analytics

Analytics platforms for streaming OLTP on Apache Kafka and Confluent Kafka Connect, and batch processing Hadoop infrastructure solutions designed for your custom data needs.


Backend Software

Software development solutions for backend cloud native business critical applications that powers your business.